Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Casting About

Hokay. I was going to try my hand at skewering wingnuts, but my first stop in Nuttyblog Land was Debbie Schlussel's Big Blog o'Hate, and excepting the hilarious music video postings of Limp Bizkit and Tommy Lee - and her expectation that we will swallow the idea that she "works out" to these videos - the whole thing was simply depressing, just more of the Israel-can-do-no-wrong apologetics. I can't take much more discussion of the war in Gaza right now, especially from the "glass all the brown people" perspective. Israel's response to the Palestinian's pathetic bombing attempts is disproportionate, in the truest sense of the word. It is inhumane. It is horrendous. For anyone to try to justify it is simply sick.

As I couldn't get any snark out of Little Debbie Snack Cake's spewings, I turned to "Dr." Mike Adams. While his Townhall column was truly ridiculous, it lacked any new insanity. Just the usual crap about how if gay marriage is allowed, next people will want to marry their cocker spaniels and cockatoos. (Note clever inclusion of the word cock. Eat your heart out, Dr. Adams!)

I will abort the mission for now. (Please note clever inclusion of "abort".) Perhaps later when I have more time I shall undertake another swipe at some lucky wingnut.

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  1. Yeah. I pretty much just hang at SadlyNo.com for the commentariat. The latest insanity from the right wing starts to get more boringly inane than entertainingly insane after a time. When you've heard it before, snarking starts to resemble a rut more than an avocation. After a while, dumb evil is just evil and dumb.