Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Waitin' Around to Die/Heartworn Highways

Some more great country folk, and bonus horse shoeing tips. Warning: This might make you cry.



  1. You're right. Those did make me cry.

    I don't normally get into country that much, but maybe I should at least check out Steve Earle &/or Emmy Lou Harris.

  2. I really like what I guess the young kids who won't get off my lawn are calling "roots" music these days.

    I don't like the overproduced frequently retch-inducingly patriotic pabulum Nashville mainly produces.

    It's interesting to me when genres overlap. I love it when critics try to categorize a band like the Meat Puppets, for example. I've seen them called everything from alt rock to alt country to country punk. I think the best stuff resists categorization. This is true of all the arts, in my estimation.